Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sharing some flower love....
Roses, Paper Whites, Kale...and Dodda Vine. Because lets face it, My names Lindsay and I'm a Dodda Vine addict. I really miss playing with beautiful flowers like this everyday. Not that the time I spend with Austin isn't fantastic.

Sometimes I hate that I had to leave work after pushing so hard for 4 years to get were I was.
After going through so, so much crap and then finally seeing some fantastic outcomes, only to leave for 3 months, then return and be treated like an idiot. Like not only did I give birth to baby, but also clearly my common sense and intellect left the building at the same time.

It's so hard, because I don't want to be there for 45hours a week...I want to spend this time with my little man. I want to know evrey piece of him. But it's so hard letting 4 years of effort slowly slip away before my eyes.

If I was at work for 45hours a week, I'd miss moments like these...

When I get to spend hours marvelling out how beautiful (in my totally biased mummy opinion) the little gem is. How every little grin, laugh and gaze makes him that bit more ours. I see Rod in him every day.

I love my boys.

Life as a three is pretty amazing.

I live for Sunday & Monday evenings when Rod's home and we can have family time in the evenings. Austin's little face just drinks in the love when his two parents are fussing over him all night. When we all lie on the bed together and he can't decide who's face he wants to look at more, and just spends the whole time flipping his head between the two of us and making the most adoreable the 'gah' noises.

And that tongue...

I'm pretty sure he's only just discovered it. He's the definition of cheeky when it's out he does this little wheezy giggle at the same time, It sends me into fits of laughter. How did we create this amazing little creature!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling a bit of female empowerment after moving 1/2 the house with just my little sister helping. Putting the boys and their bi-ceps to shame.

Now were's that bottle of wine....
Time to share some flower love.

Been doing floristry for 4 or 5 years now. Fell into it after I realised if I was going to drop out of uni then I'd better have a dam good excuse for my parents who'd spent lots of $$$ to send me there. So one Saturday morning, one coffee, one newspaper, one jobs section, one phone call and 20 cigarettes later I was signed up for an interview the following tuesday.

Since then I've enjoyed a long and beautiful relationship with pretty much anything that can set roots in the ground.

Below is one of my favourites; Fig Branches, White Tulips, Red Celosia, Blue Hydrangea and Burgundy Dahlias. After making this particular vase, I went on to make a smaller Dahlia vase for the very beautiful and talented Sia, who was playing a gig across the road from my work. Yes I name dropped, it's my only bragging right and I'm calling it. Ner.

The next little gem is a vase of Tulips, Roses & Hyacinths, for an engagement party morning tea.

Highlights...dropping the brownies I'd spent an hour making for mothers group all over the floor within 5 minutes of arriving.

This pretty much set the tone for the rest of the week.

On the kid's pretty awesome (see below for photographic evidence).

Moving house is a cruel punishment that should be reserved for those who put frangipani stickets on their cars and walk slow down supermarket aisles. Rodney owns about 1000 jackets in various shades of khaki and refuses to donate any to the salvos. Said jackets are going to require one whole car trip of their own to the new house. However once in the new house we will have copious amounts of space and such khaki jackets can be retreated to the depths of our fantastic walk in robe, never to be seen again.

Is it too soon to want more babies?

Stereophonics on Tuesday, do you think Kelly Jones would be interesting in adopting my cute little family. I wouldn't mind.

Wedding month is approaching and the scary doom doom doom music should be sounding shortly. Why I do this to myself I don't know. Lets all take a moment to imagine how happy and stress free I would be without a handfull of bridezilla's pummelling my email inbox on a daily basis.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mothers Group

Had mothers group yesterday, our first. So my dreams of entering this group looking a like a perfectly respectable young mum were totally shattered.

I had to work beforehand and had exactly 1/2 hour to drive home (20minute drive) feed Austin, Change Austin, Pack nappy bag, Pack car and haul ass to the centre, So consequently arrived in a frantic mess with my make-up all but gone and hair every which way. Nice.

I'd like to say it was great, but in actual fact it was just really..awkward. You could practically see the judgement and smugness walking around the room, patting some on the back and smacking others around the head. Some ladies were just plain RUDE.

It wasn't all terrible, some ladies were lovely.

I don't know if we'll be lifelong friends. It would have been nice to meet someone I 'clicked' with. Gets lonely not having close Friends with babes. I can see peoples interest literally 'click' off as soon as I start talking about anything remotely related to Austin or kids in general. Although who am I kidding...I'm not really that interested in talking about anything else.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When all else fails...

turn to chocolate, that's my theory this weekend anyway. Hell why not? it's Easter after all.

Packing has taken a drastic turn for the worst. In order to pack I need to empty our full-to-the-brim closets and in turn take up more floor space in out already-too-small apartment. This little equation does happiness not equal.

Rod's began the very long process of his new sleeve tattoo. First Installment is Kurt Cobain, should be finished in the next month or so...just don't tell him it looks like Warrick Cappa. Austin's clearly a fan.

Crazy wedding times ahead with 3 weddings in a row towards the end of April. I'm going to need every ounce of creative energy I can muster. At least the move will mean I have more room to work in, this whole 'minimalist' kitchen is someones idea of a cruel joke.